Welcome to the Flybrain Project website containing project information for three manuscripts:

1. Comprehensive Maps of DrosophilaHigher Olfactory Centres : Spatially Segregated Fruit and Pheromone Representation.

which uses single cell labelling and image registration to describe the organisation of the higher olfactory centres of Drosophila.

2. Diversity and wiring variability of olfactory local interneurons in the Drosophila antennal lobe.

which uses single cell labelling to describe the organization of the antennal lobe local interneurons. Click on the Data tab on the top right to access these LN files or click here .

3. Sexual Dimorphism in the Fly Brain

which uses clonal analysis and image registration to identify a large number of sex differences in the brain and VNC of Drosophila.

You will need to register to view some content and to download the raw image data, neuronal tracings, image registration tools and analysis scripts that we used. Registration is free and automatic - you should receive a password email right away. [PLEASE PERSIST WITH THE "IMAGE CAPTCHA" SECURITY CODE THAT I HAVE HAD TO INSTALL AFTER A SPAM EPISODE - IT IS CLUNKY, BUT WILL WORK WITHIN 2 OR 3 ATTEMPTS]

The website is a collaboration between the labs of Greg Jefferis and Liqun Luo and has been built by Chris Potter and Greg Jefferis. The core Image Registration tools were created by Torsten Rohlfing and Calvin Maurer.

Finally, please note that this site is distinct from flybrain.org, which provides information on many aspects of fly neurobiology. Other useful fly neuroanatomy sites include flycircuit.tw and virtualflybrain.org